This part is really important...

Purchasing or Selling a home can be one of the most crucial decisions you make in your life, and we don't believe you should be rushed in doing so, or make any decisions without being fully informed and educated about the process.

A Good Agent is someone that brings focus, calm, and action to your Real Estate goals; someone that is looking out for your best interests above all else.

...and If that person can do so while keeping you smiling and enjoying the process... all the better!

What's in a name? 

The Good Agent  - A simple, honest, and meaningful name for a team of 2 friends and colleagues, each one an award-winning and very experienced Real Estate Professional, that want to do nothing more but what's right for our clients.

The name really does say it all. We're honest. We'll tell you what we think. We'll give you REAL advice.

We don't feel the need to be famous. We truly enjoy what we do and we don't want ego to be any part of it. If we do good work and if we keep our clients happy, everyone benefits and our success will come in turn. It's a simple philosophy.

Of course you'll get to know each of us by our names, but those names alone shouldn't be why you're here. You're likely here because you need someone to trust, someone to learn from, and someone who has the ability to truly help you with your Real Estate needs and goals.

If you're here because a friend, co-worker, or family member has referred you to "The Good Agent", then we're so happy to hear it because it means we're succeeding in what we set out to do!

Don't be fooled

Flashy cars. Expensive Suits. Enormous Marketing Budgets. - Why are these things synonymous with Real Estate Agents? Are you paying to market your property, or for the agent to market his/her own name? How do any of those things help you to sell or buy a home? To be honest, we don't believe that any of those are what make a Good Agent. Don't believe it? Read on...

We have the tools to sell (just like everyone else!)

...BUT we know how to use them

FACT: There is only ONE MLS listing in Calgary. Every licensed Real Estate Agent in the city has access to it and ultimately HAS to use it in order to list property for sale, or conduct a thorough search for properties already on the market. Think of this as a level playing field. Just like winning a pie-eating contest won't make someone better at knitting, there's no sense in believing that any one Real Estate Agent, team, or group is better than any other simply because of their outward appearances or efforts to market themselves.

As with anything, it's how you use the tools that matters most. The Good Agent knows how to present your home not only at the correct market price (and show you why!), but effectively use the best marketing tools and techniques to ensure your home shows as well as possible. In doing so you'll effectively get the highest possible selling price.

We search for the best properties to buy

When searching for a home, the big things (price, location, orientation, future developments) matter so much, but so do the other details (signs of damage, lack of maintenance, questionable neighbours, where you plan to work, raise children, etc).

The Good Agent will make every effort to point out the pros and cons of any property and what they mean to you and how they relate to your wants and needs. Don't be surprised if we talk you out of a buying a property because we don't believe it's what's best for you. Remember the "Honest" part? The Good Agent's job is to protect you and ensure you're making the right choice.

Most importantly, we have to be FAST to get the best properties before they're snatched up by other buyers. We pride ourselves on our sense of urgency and ability to pounce on the nicest homes as soon as they hit the market. Who wants the stale bread left on the shelf for days or months?? You shouldn't!

Let's be honest

Experience, education, being realistic, personable and approachable (having a sense of humour) knowing how to use the tools available, and acting like a good person by caring AND doing what we say we're going to do... that's what The Good Agent wants to be known for, and that's what we truly believe matters in helping our clients.


We've helped HUNDREDS of people buy or sell their homes in the Calgary and surrounding area. We don't make outrageous promises, or set unrealistic goals. When we're hired, we set out to get you where you want to be by following a PROVEN PROCESS that makes sense, and brings actual results.

Let's talk

Reach out to us. Ask us a question or two...you will be amazed what it's like to speak with an experienced Agent who's genuinely interested in what your goals are and who isn't afraid to share his/her opinion or offer some realistic advice.